Only love gives us the taste of eternity. What You are to me has no understanding, unless You can understand what forever and infinity really mean. May the way I look at you, the way I speak with you, and the way I treat you, reflect the truth that... I have loved you since forever and will continue to love you for eternity.

I am almost at a loss for words. My first destination wedding couldn't have been any exquisite than this! To say their love is magical is an understatement. Being in the presence of a love so true encourages others to love a more sincerely, to hold your love more tightly and listen to their heartbeat a little more closely. They make you want to love with your whole heart. This trip was not only amazing because of the island, but because of the love, sincere affection, and respect that these two brought with their union. Congratulations Ajeenah and Brandy! Thank you for trusting me to capture your spectacular day! Many blessings to you both! Thank you much Renee for your help!

©2016 The Sweetest Things Photography by Kima